We are applying game platform technologies to the built environment. Bring us your challenge and test our play to solve approach. Distribute our output to the broadest of audiences on mobile, tablet, desktop.


Turn your project into an experience which is accessible and fun.


Manage key decisions in a controlled environment that is clear to all stakeholders.


Take control of features which cascade on costs in unexpected ways.


If you are interested in learning more about PlayConstruct and participating in one of our workshops please register below or email us at info@playconstruct.com. Our workshop is designed to be part stakeholder inspiration part information gathering for us to develop the PlayConstruct tools.

We are looking for real projects to expand our techniques on, so if you have an interesting problem that we can solve through game based modelling in construction, please contact us as well. We are interested to help work out conceptual demonstrations to show what can be achieved.

About Us

We are a consortium covering a broad area of expertise from the Construction Industry to the Construction Standards to ICT and Digital Communication sectors. We are working together under the vision that we will be able to solve important strategic problems in the construction sector with communication tools that can create consensus and understanding of a complex problem through gameplay.

We are currently looking for collaborations on the basis of a service model as we develop a set of generic tools for broader use.